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Student Information

Hillcrest Primary School provides many opportunities for students to showcase their leadership skills.

students art class

Student Council

Students in grade 5 and 6 have the opportunity to be involved in Student Council. This small group of students perform many roles throughout the year to support and represent our whole school community. Students are elected by their peers and staff. Their responsibilities include hosting school assemblies, supporting student wellbeing, communicating ideas with peers, fundraising and organising school events.

Sports Leaders

A Daily Fitness program takes place every morning for approximately 15 minutes. Grade 5 and 6 students deliver activities for the classes. This is a wonderful leadership opportunity for our senior students. The class teacher provides feedback and support for the leaders.

students reading

Reading Ambassadors

Reading is highly valued at Hillcrest Primary School. The library is open before school and during lunchtime for students to read and play board games. Reading Ambassadors from grade 5 and 6 are timetabled to be in the library to listen to students read. This is a popular time for younger students to read with a peer. The Ambassadors also have the opportunity to promote the Premier’s Reading and participate in the annual Readers Cup.

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