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Welcome to Hillcrest Primary School

Hello and thank you for visiting our website

Hillcrest Primary School is situated on the outskirts of the City of Devonport with approximately 220 students in Kindergarten to Grade 6. Hillcrest Primary School takes pride in ensuring that every student in our school achieve their best in a supportive, caring and inclusive learning environment. Established in 1983, the school building design incorporates single and double units strategically placed and connected with covered walkways and pleasant bushland grounds.

children in sandpit

Classroom environments reflect 21st century best teaching practice with interactive whiteboards, computers, iPads and software to support student learning.

Students have access to a spacious outdoor environment which includes a full size football oval, fitness track, sand pits, primary and early childhood playground equipment, basketball and netball courts and vegetable garden areas.

Our vision statement:

To build strong foundations for relating, creating, believing and learning.

mission and vision


Our current school values are Cooperation, Courtesy, Respect and Responsibility. Students are encouraged to demonstrate these values and regular assemblies are held to promote the message that ‘Hilly Kids are Friendly Kids’.

Hillcrest Primary is currently working towards embedding the Department of Education values:

Aspiration: a culture of high expectations and high achievement

Respect: respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environment

Courage: accepting challenges and embracing opportunities

Growth: improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things

At Hillcrest Primary we believe that creating partnerships optimises learning so we strive to build quality relationships within our community. In addition to the core learning areas we offer a range of programs including Learning in Families Together (LIFT), Launch Into Learning (LIL), Literacy Intervention, Physical Education, Art, Music, Japanese, Breakfast Club, Water Awareness and Learn to Swim programs.

5 Lawrence Drive
Devonport TAS 7310

Phone: 03 6424 5211